Libra 2017 stars: your year ahead

So many choices! Your toughest task this year might be focusing on what you actually want. Decision-making is not your strong suit, but as Jupiter expands your options, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do.

Many Librans – particularly those born towards mid-October – are on the brink of a whole new era, so try to flow with the tide. Starting by imaging the future, then find ways to turn those dreams into a reality. If need be, update your skills or improve your fitness through autumn, then go dazzle them. With Jupiter stimulating your money sector from October, investing in yourself may be your smartest move yet!

Love & friendship

Friends should prove wonderfully supportive this year, so don’t let them drift away. Schedule in regular catch-ups or suggest a group fitness kick. Family dynamics may require some tweaking to keep everyone happy, so if issues involving independence flare through autumn (southern hemisphere seasons have been used), talk to someone you trust or organise a few counselling sessions. Active types should prove magnetic, but for singles, the August 22 eclipse could trigger an important realisation. By spring, your romantic wish-list might look very different indeed!

Cash & career

Ker-ching! This could end up being an exciting year, but before you get ahead of yourself, rally some extra support and formulate a plan. Finetune strategies until late January, then harness April’s canny stars to review loans and investments. When Jupiter, the planet of abundance, funnels energy into your money zone from mid-October (for a whole year), things could happen fast. As a wave of energy and ambition washes over your chart through summer, a personal passion or creative pursuit could become a money-spinner.

Health & wellbeing

Welcome to the year of the New You! Seriously, with Jupiter and Pluto spurring you on, the sky’s the limit. With Mars increasing the pace from February, you’ll be after speedy results – boot camps, bike rides, Zumba classes – but by winter’s end, relaxing holidays and hatha yoga might be more your style. Practical pastimes like cooking, ceramics and gardening should feel therapeutic through spring, and as life becomes bigger and busier, they’ll keep you feeling earthed. Find a fertile patch of land and get those hands dirty!

Libra travel style

You appreciate life’s finer offerings, so forget cheap and cheerful and opt for quality instead. A luxury weekend easily trumps a budget holiday, especially if a dash of romance TRY: Second honeymoon, Barossa Valley wine tour, Hong Hong markets, cultural festivals, Floriade in Canberra, Tasmanian B&B, opal fossicking, Chelsea Garden Show, 5-star Parisian hotel.

Libra food & fitness style

For Librans, food needs to look as good as it tastes. Beautifully presented platters should have you salivating, but opt for the savoury options where possible. Lebanese food is ideal, being nutritious, tasty and colourful, but go easy on the baklava and experiment with berries instead.

Sweaty sports and activities might leave you cold, that’s unless dancing or socialising is involved. If exercise is a stop-start affair for you, finding a chatty exercise buddy could make all the difference. Away from the dance floor, look for activities that encourage symmetry, like walking, swimming and Pilates, or join a sporting club.

Libra gemstones and crystals

Opals and sapphires (your ruling gems), aquamarine, aventurine, jade, lapis lazuli, peridot, topaz, amethyst, sapphire, rose quartz (the stone of love). I you’d like to order crystals please email me at … I often have a few in stock.

Flower essences for 2017

Alisha, the ‘Naughty Naturopath Mum’, and I got together recently and matched up a few flower essence blends to each star sign; her drops are formulated to support your energetic shifts throughout 2017.
Intuition: To balance the third eye chakra helping you with decision making
Energy: To support your energetic bursts and help keep you enthusiastic and motivated
Bliss: To balance the sacral chakra and help you connect with yourself and others

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