Gemini 2017 stars: your year ahead

You’re a pillar of strength for others, but don’t forget to nurture yourself. If you’ve been feeling restless or unappreciated, January’s reflective patterns could bring a reappraisal.

Some Twins might even revise a long-term goal or decide to go back to school, but basically, it’s all about expressing yourself and tapping into that rich vein of creativity. You might even discover a talent for drawing or dancing, but just as importantly, Jupiter is encouraging you to open your heart and share your thoughts and feelings.

Shared holidays should set the scene for fun this year, and as guards are let down, bonds will strengthen and grow.

Keywords: compromise, responsibility, restructuring, creative, original … overindulgent

Love & friendship

If you feel like being a hermit, don’t fight it. By late January your social butterfly will be poised to take flight. As feelings are revealed, February could prove unexpectedly romantic. Family expansion could become a hot topic through autumn, while winter’s proactive stars might propel parents into a coaching or fundraising role. Couples may burn the midnight oil as they discuss long-term plans, but spring’s optimistic stars should leave you on a high. Singles, look out for ‘fire sign’ types – that’s Aries, Leos and Sagies.

Cash & career

Your biggest dilemma? To take on more responsibility – or not. Mercury is sending many Geminis into soul-searching mode, but fate might take the upper hand. The late February eclipse could spring a few surprises at work, while winter’s power-packed stars might propel a business enterprise or money-making scheme into top gear. July’s laser-sharp stars might even bring a long-awaited victory or breakthrough, but don’t lose sight of the big picture. Stay true to yourself and 2016 will mark an important tuning point.

Health & fitness

Stop worrying and start making plans. Staying active will burn off that stress, so look for ways to make fitness enjoyable. As always, dancing should hit the spot, while a team pursuit might boost your heartrate and your social life. Perfect! Throughout April and May, action-loving Mars might push you towards an adrenalin-fueled holiday – or a full-scale decorating spree. Habits formed through winter should stick, so make them count. Why not start by cutting down booze or drinking more water? Your body will thank you.

Gemini travel style

Variety really is is the spice of life for Geminis, so you need to mix it up: lazing poolside one day, cycling 50kms the next. Your ideal holiday is not only active but stimulating too, from museums and flea markets to galleries and grand gardens.

TRY: Walking or cycling holiday, hop-on hop-off train journey, Sydney (or Cannes!) Film Festival, whitewater rafting, writers’ workshop, coastal road trip, Canberra museums, Istanbul markets.

Gemini food & fitness style

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to food. Waiting five hours between meals is just not your style, so satisfy that speedy metabolism by grazing on healthy snacks through the day – hummus dips, veggie sticks, nuts – or fuel up with lots of small, high protein meals.

That speedy brain of yours relates best to high intensity workouts: aerobics, cycling, jogging and group fitness sessions should hit the spot and calm those nerves. Being a natural multitasker, if you can work-out and talk at the same time, all the better. High energy dance classes like zumba and tap might strike a chord … or why not give social tennis a shot?

Gemini gemstones and crystals

Agate, tourmaline (your birth stones), aquamarine, chryosoprase, sapphire, tiger’s eye, rhodocrosite (for love and emotional healing). I you’d like to order any crystals, please email me at … I often have a few in stock.

Flower essences for 2017

Alisha, the ‘Naughty Naturopath Mum’, and I got together recently and matched up a few flower essence blends to each star sign; her drops are formulated to support your energetic shifts throughout 2017.
Self Love: To help you nurture yourself more by increasing your sense of self worth
Truth: For balancing the throat chakra and help with expressing yourself and your needs
Cravings control: For times of overindulgence and help with opening up and sharing your emotions instead of trying to squash them

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