Pisces 2017 stars: your year ahead

‘All things in moderation,’ as they say. With action-loving Jupiter and Mars firing up that passionate side, sticking to the middle ground won’t be easy. You’re overflowing with plans and visionary ideas, but slow down – particularly through autumn- or budget blowouts could take the gloss off things.

Socially, it’s an entirely different story. Your generous, big-hearted nature is attracting like-minded people – and romance! – towards you, in fact by July, singles might be spoilt for choice. If family expansion is on the agenda, a precious baby could make an appearance over the cooler months … or perhaps it will be a four-legged friend who wins your heart?

Keywords: obsessive, stressed, sensual, escapist, imaginative … restructuring life

Love & friendship

As Venus heightens your charisma, passionate people will be drawn into your orbit. Easter’s sentimental full moon could bring a heart-warming reunion or reconciliation, while May’s escapist patterns might conjure up a much-needed getaway, or a holiday fling. As winter approaches, Jupiter will whip up a smorgasbord of sensual delights – good food and romance for starters – while spring’s extroverted stars might propel you into the wider world. Faraway places, new studies … your horizons are set to expand.

Cash & career

That enthusiastic approach is impressive, but don’t get carried away on the financial front. Venus could force a reappraisal through March and April, but as a result, a floundering enterprise might turn into a money spinner. Winter’s house-proud stars might keep you busy, but as you switch to soul-searching mode (until August 25) you’ll appreciate some time out. Long-term goals may chop and change, but by summer your vision should be crystal clear. Reign in excess expenses through spring and set up a travel account!

Health & wellbeing

Looking good doesn’t come cheap! For many, the February 27 eclipse will prompt a review, not only of your health and dietary habits, but your image as well. A cosmetic procedure may even appeal, but don’t blow the budget! Easter’s indulgent stars might test your willpower, but as you find other ways to satisfy your senses (massage anyone?) getting back on track should be easier than expected. As spring approaches, fitness and fun should begin to merge; a team pursuit might improve your stamina and your social life.

Pisces travel style

Holidays that refresh the body and sooth the soul tend to suit Pisceans best. Whether it’s reconnecting with nature or soaking up some culture, regular recharges are essential. Out of the way retreats, urban art galleries, poolside deckchairs … it’s all good.

TRY: Beachside shack, Seaworld on Gold Coast, Moree hot springs, film festival, yoga retreat, Murray River houseboat, Philip Island penguin tour, Louvre in Paris, swimming with dolphins

Pisces food & fitness style

Your sensitive system responds well to light foods such as stir-fries, salads and Asian-style soups. Fish (either fresh or tinned) and lean meat are also great, but steer clear of fatty cuts. Many Pisceans suffer from allergies, especially in childhood, so where possible, go chemical free.

Turn up the volume and get that bootie shaking! Dancing is your astral wonder-drug, Pisces, along with watery pursuits like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics. If you can’t find a pool or beach, look for a gym that offers Zumba or bliss out with yoga. Recharge your batteries by getting back to the basics: fresh air, deep breathing, peace and quiet.

Pisces gemstones and crystals

Rose quartz (to attract love and romance), amethyst and moonstone (your ruling stones), blue lace agate, fluorite, turquoise. I you’d like to order any crystals please email me at jennyblume@iprimus.com.au … I often have a few in stock.

Flower essences for 2017

Alisha, the ‘Naughty Naturopath Mum’, and I got together recently and matched up a few flower essence blends to each star sign; her drops are formulated to support your energetic shifts throughout 2017.
Slow down: To lessen any blowouts and help you stick to a more middle ground
Peace: For balancing heart chakra and creating more inner peace
Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life

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