Leo 2017 stars: your year ahead

You’re the queen of the jungle, Leo, so don’t let fear hold you back. With multiple eclipses impacting your sign, change is almost guaranteed this year, but celestial shake-ups can be invigorating. Your ability to manifest your dreams looks impressive, so think about what you really want. Stability? Status? Excitement? Rally support or reassess finances through April, then leap into action.

From October, your home will be a-buzz with activity; as a desire for comfort intensifies, a spot of house-hunting might even hit the agenda. The warmer weather might also open doors at work; if your skills need brushing up, seminars and workshops could prove both educational and fun.

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Love & friendship

Look at you circulate! But it’s not all about frivolous fun: your ability to mix work with play could prove surprisingly profitable. As the lines between business and pleasure blur, your social circle will expand; colleagues, friends, teachers … boundaries will disappear. Faraway places might set the scene for romance in autumn, so whether single or attached, try to get away. October’s social stars could whip up a flurry of activity, but don’t over commit, for loved ones might need some extra support as summer approaches.

Cash & career

Hang onto your hats! Eclipses can feel unsettling, but when we grow too comfortable, shake-ups can propel us into positive action. The late February eclipse could prompt a major rethink, but by late autumn, new strategies, financial structures, even a more family-friendly job, should get you back on track. Even if you stay put, winter will bring new methods or technologies that revolutionise the way you work. That entrepreneurial side will be rearing to go by spring, but for best results, finetune plans until September 28.

Health & wellbeing

It’s true, Lions can be lazy, but once you build momentum, you’re a dynamo! Enjoy some well-deserved rest, for by mid-January, you’ll be fully recharged and rearing to go. Group pursuits should satisfy that social side, so grab some friends or join a club; your enthusiasm will be infectious. February’s outdoorsy stars might awaken your inner adventurer, and as a bonus, adrenaline-fueled activities could set the scene for love. If gourmet foods or exotic locations are involved, even better! Outback glamping, anyone?

Leo food & fitness style

Leos aren’t known for their love of moderation. But forget the old ‘feast or famine’ approach and instead aim for high-energy meals that include plenty of protein. Cooking is a creative outlet for you, so look for unusual tableware and serving platters and turn everyday meals into feasts.

As kids, little Lions are bounding with energy, so if you’ve become sedentary with age, look to childhood for inspiration. Active yoga, like ashtanga or power, might awaken your inner gymnast, or if you’re feeling brave, why not learn tango or circus skills? In the end though, anything involving people or fun is perfect: group walks, gym classes, team sports, it’s all good.

Leo gemstones and crystals

Carnelian, cat’s or tiger’s eye, citrine (like the sun’s rays), golden beryl, orange calcite, clear quartz, rhodochrosite, ruby, topaz. I you’d like to order any crystals please email me at jennyblume@iprimus.com.au … I often have a few in stock.

Leo travel style

This energetic sign loves excitement and adventure, but rather than roughing it, luxury and glamour are more their style. Of course, if adrenaline is involved they’re likely to be first in line. Rollercoasters, theatre tours, bungee jumps, it’s all good.

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Flower essences for 2017

Alisha, the ‘Naughty Naturopath Mum’, and I got together recently and matched up a few flower essence blends to each star sign; her drops are formulated to support your energetic shifts throughout 2017.
Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life
Intuition: To balance the third eye chakra helping you with decision making
Help: For support and help to cope with changes that are unsettling

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