Aquarius 2017 stars: your year ahead

Worrying about the future? By late January you should feel way more optimistic, so kick back and relax. Fresh air is your magic elixir, so slip out of town or explore somewhere new. Autumn’s escapist stars are tailormade for outdoorsy activities and weekends away, but with Venus pointing you towards anything that looks or tastes good, watch that pesky impulsive streak.

As Jupiter sashays into your career sector from October, an ambitious new plan or project might take shape. If you’ve been itching to spread your wings or launch a new career, things could happen quickly as summer approaches. Prepare to take a leap and fly!

Keywords: unsettled, visionary, honest, ambitious … reassessing long term dreams

Love & friendship

External pressures may be growing, but as mutual plans take shape, many couples will feel a renewed sense of solidarity. May’s sentimental sky might reignite old embers (and fire up that libido!), or an adventurous man might get your adrenaline pumping. Attractions this year may be unusually physical, so if you’re playing dating game, ditch the computer and circulate … sporting clubs, holiday destinations, it’s all good. Winter could bring a few goodbyes, but don’t be sad – space is being made for a supportive new group.

Cash & career

Yikes, slow down or January could prove expensive. Travel or education may be pricier than expected, but the February 27 eclipse should get you sorted. March could bring an economy kick, along with a sensible new budget; as that restless streak intensifies, some Aquarians may even consider a sea-change, but August might bring a change of heart. Leave serious decision-making for spring if you can, and upgrade your skills in preparation for 2019’s career-focused patterns. Specialised training should give you a leading edge!

Health & wellbeing

You’re a ‘people person’, Aquarius, so look for ways to combine fitness with fun. Of course, if travel can be squeezed into the equation, even better. July’s energetic stars could prompt a few changes, not just for you, but the whole family. Diets, health kicks or cosmetic procedures could feature, followed closely by a transformational image overhaul. Clothes, hair, make up … heck, by summer, we might see a whole new you. Adding to the buzz, spring’s insightful patterns could solve a medical mystery for yourself or a child.

Aquarius travel style

Being freedom-lovers, Aquarians like to explore and do their own thing. Stumbling across an unspoilt beach, a virgin rainforest or an exotic bazar is what it’s all about. Aquatic settings often exert a pull, but so do activities that get the heart pumping.

TRY: Sailing the Whitsundays, campervaning, hiking in NZ, cycling holiday, snorkeling in Vanuatu, coastal road trip, outback camping, Observatory visit, Canberra art galleries and museums, Amalfi Coast trek

Aquarius food & fitness style

Sticking to recipes may be your greatest challenge, but those personal touches can turn meals into masterpieces. Unusual ingredients should make cooking more fun, so try to include rare herbs and spices. Your sign also rules citrus, so pull out that juicer and start experimenting.

Being the zodiac’s eccentric, you like to make a splash. Aquatic sports like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics should sooth your inner water baby, though being an air-ruled sign, flying (on trapezes, flying foxes or quite literally, in airplanes) might also hit the spot. If you’re over the gym, look for adventurous, outdoorsy sports and get that adrenaline pumping.

Aquarius gemstones and crystals

Aquamarine and amethyst (your ruling stones), angelite, blue celestite, chrysoprase, fluorite, moonstone, turquoise – to support clear communication. Please email if you’d like to order any crystals.

Flower essences for 2017

Alisha, the ‘Naughty Naturopath Mum’, and I got together recently and matched a few flower essence blends to each star sign; the drops are formulated to support your energetic shifts throughout 2017.
Cleanse: For embarking on any health journeys
Cravings control: For dealing with emotions that make you want to escape into habits or using food/substance as escape
Slow down: To create that inner calm and decrease any restlessness

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