Top feng shui tips

1 Beautify your entrance

Entrances and front doors play a crucial role in feng shui, as they can either block helpful energy (called chi) or encourage it to flow smoothly into your home. Good lighting, attractive plants, tiles, colours, smells and even doormats will all attract positive, uplifting energy, while stiff hinges, clutter, broken lights and overgrown plants will repel chi. So simple, but so worthwhile!

2 Clear the clutter

Hanging onto unused items and excess furniture can trap you in the past and block fresh opportunities – and in many cases, people – from entering your life. If you can’t bear to part with old clothes, shoes, books or bric-a-brac, pack them away in storage boxes, then sell, ditch or donate them in spring next year.

mirror dining room feng shui3 Reassess your art

Take a good look at what you’re inviting into your home. Depictions of solitude, and grayness tend to conjure negative feelings, while seeing images of beautiful places or people you love will promote a sense of wellbeing. Sunrises are especially auspicious, especially in offices.

4 Move your mirrors

Carefully placed mirrors can draw natural light and pleasant views into a room, but reflecting dark or ugly areas will only emphasise your problems. Attract abundance by reflecting your dining table (or cash registers in stores), but don’t have a mirror facing your front door or you’ll scare people away.

5 Clean your kitchen

In feng shui, the kitchen symbolises a household’s health and wealth, so try to keep your kitchen clean and well aired; broken taps and appliances should be promptly repaired or replaced and the stove kept sparkling clean. To encourage a steady income, all hotplates should be used regularly.

jenny blume feng shui - incense

6 Liven up your love life

If your bedroom feels more boring than boudoir, add some exotic touches: rich colours, sensual textures and moody lighting should all help. Arouse your senses with sensual ylang ylang oil, then spice up your romance sector, located in the south west. Crystals, images of love or a gorgeous orchid would be ideal.

7 Fix leaking taps

According to feng shui, water and wealth go hand in hand. Start by fixing leaky taps, as they represent money going down the drain, then tackle any indoor mold or stagnant ponds around your home. To balance watery energy in bathrooms, add earthy objects like plants, shells, pebbles, crystals and candles.

8 Feed your senses

Homes that feel really good appeal to all the senses: sight, sound, feel and smell. Add native plants and bird feeders to attract birdlife, string up melodic windchimes, plant scented flowers, fill your home with music and spritz with your favourite essential oils. Lavender, bergamot and sandalwood are my faves.

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