Tips for feng shui luck & good fortune

magnolia - jenny blume sydney feng shui consultantMagnolia trees for good fortune
Magnolia trees are not only beautiful, they symobolise beauty and prosperity. Placed in the front yard, they’re said to bring contentment and emotional support, while in the backyard they can attract good fortune and financial prosperity. Pink magnolia blooms are associated with joy, purple with good health, green with vitality and white with purity. Why not pop one in?

Power colours for important meetings
Wearing ‘power colours’ might give you that winning edge. For maximum impact you can’t go past red; with connotations of courage, success and boundless energy, even a dash should do the trick; to subconsciously convey honesty, integrity and amazing organisational skills, deep blue should work a treat, then to round things off, add some white, the colour of purity, intelligence and potential.

Rose quartz for romance
Looking for more romance? A pink rose quartz might help things along, but don’t just grab the first crystal you see – find a stone that really appeals, either rough cut or shaped into a heart, and place it by your bed. These magical stones help to heal and open your heart, and they’re said to increase fertilty. To activate its power, hold it over your heart and make a wish before you go to sleep. More romance tips here

Feng shui elephant - Jenny Blume astrology & feng shuiLucky elephants
Placing a statue of an elephant near a front door is said to bring luck and protection. Many practitioners believe that elephants should have their trunks up to attract prosperity and good fortune, while others prefer trunks facing down, as this represents strength and longevity. To invite luck and prosperity into your home, face your elephant towards your front door, rather than away

Want to travel more?
Activating your home’s travel sector might nudge things along. First, find a few photos or items that conjure up images of holidaying – a postcard or foreign currency would be perfect – then place them in your living room’s north west corner (this compass sector rules travel). Try some affirmations too, using the present tense, and repeat each morning. “Cruising the Pacific is a dream come true”.

Welcome luck into your home
To attract luck and good fortune into your home, look for a laughing Buddha. Also known as the ‘Buddha of Prosperity’, his sack is said to contain gemstones and coins. Buddhas can be positioned wherever they ‘feel right’, although customarily, they are placed facing the front door, to welcome in luck. To keep him happy, rub his tummy each time you pass by.

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