Mirrors in feng shui

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Mirrors can help to lift and energise rooms, but they can also emphasize negative features. When positioned in a dingy hallway or cramped corner, a mirror won’t improve the vibe – unless it reflects something bright or upbeat.

So before hanging any mirrors, it’s important to consider what’s being ‘doubled’ … outdoor gardens, interesting art, floral arrangements, indoor plants and dining tables are feng shui classics. With clever positioning you might even catch a glimpse of distant greenery or blue sky.

On the flipside, large mirrors facing the front door is said to scare people (and good fortune) away, while reflecting a bathroom door can magnify health problems. I also advise against having too many mirrors, as they can create confusion within a home as it turns into a ‘mirror maze’.

Many clients worry about mirrors in bedrooms, but generally, they only create problems when they are large and directly facing a bed; they can exacerbate insomnia, especially in children, while for couples, they may draw unwanted interference, or even a third person, into the relationship.

Fragmented or tiled mirrors require special caution, especially when placed near a home or businesses front entrance, as they can create a splintered energy. Psychological problems may be magnified or physical ailments might flare up. In one case, a client’s health deteriorated rapidly after she hung a large, strangely angled mirror opposite her door, so play it safe.

Another taboo is the placing a mirror on the back wall of a stove (like a splashback), so that it reflects food being cooked. Eastern feng shui Masters call this ‘fire at heaven’s gate’, which can enhance the risk of fires or accidents within a household.

On a deeper level of feng shui, a well placed mirror can enhance or rectify a difficult situation, while a wrong placement can harm occupants – to work on this deeper level, a consultant will need to calculate your home’s individual ‘flying stars’.

Small convex or Bagua mirrors are sometimes used to bounce negative energies away, but think carefully before pointing mirrors at neighbours. Not only is this bad karma, it could backfire by maginifying problems and inflaming a tense situation. On the other hand, reflecting a large tree or building directly in line with your door might help to push the negative energy away – which is good!

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