Feng shui for romance

Looking for more romance? A great place to start is in your bedroom! Ideally, adult’s beds should have space on both sides, with matching or similar sized bedside tables and lamps – even if you’re single. (Kids, on the other hand, are often happier sleeping in corners, where it feels nice and snug.)

Start by adding attractive colours, moody lighting and soft textures, such as cushions or throws, to your bedroom, to create a warm ‘yin’ energy. White bedrooms may look stylish, but they can often feel ‘yang’ and cold.

When practical, arrange items in pairs: rabbits, birds, candles, flowers and hearts are all well suited to bedrooms. Mandarin ducks are also a symbol of romance. Avoid displaying too many family photos in your bedroom, and move them into a living area instead.

Orchids represent fertility and sensuality in feng shui, making them one of the few recommended plants for bedrooms. Depending on your ‘flying stars’ (a more complex school of feng shui), certain plants like lucky bamboo can help to harmonise bedrooms.

Check what’s happening in the south western part of your home – and your bedroom! – for this is the sector that rules love and romance. Plant flowers in this part of your garden, burn or spritz fragrant oils, place romantic images here, and importantly, give this part of your home (and garden) a good clean and declutter.

Finally, don’t forget the power of smell. Ylang ylang’s exotic qualities work as an aphrodisiac for many, while essential oils like Cedarwood, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose and Sandalwood can also increase desire.

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jenny blume astrology & feng shui

Feng shui consultations 

As a professional Feng Shui Consultant Jenny’s goal is to enhance the energy within your home or workspace; as cures are implemented, your health, wealth and relationships should quickly feel the positive effects.

Jenny combines four schools of feng shui with modern design and colour principles to create uplifting, supportive environments.

Jenny works with clients via email or in person (mainly in the Sydney, Byron and Gold Coast regions), for when possible, it’s best to see and feel a home. Sometimes a problem, like a stagnant pond or negative artwork, has become a blind spot, so Jenny helps her clients to see their surroundings through fresh eyes.

What do Jenny’s feng shui consultations include? * Optimum room/furniture layouts * Professional advice on colours, styling and artwork * Chinese astrology assessment, to determine supportive colours and directions * In offices, best positions for staff and meetings * Advice on attracting prosperity, luck and people * Gauss meter check for high EMFs * Written report and friendly advice.

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