Harness the Virgo new moon!


Ready to embrace some healthy new habits or launch an important project? Celestial help is heading your way!

Falling in the practical, wonderfully organised sign of Virgo, Friday’s new moon (8.37pm AEST) should pack a punch – in the very best sort of way.

As this new moon cozies up to Mercury, Venus and Mars, it will absorb their energies – in particular, a desire for teamwork, planning, action and communication. These planets also add a good dollop of creativity, along with the potential for romance (thankyou Venus and Mars!). A grand trine involving Saturn adds grit and determination, making this the perfect springboard for health kicks, start-ups and projects of all sorts.

If you’re wanting to launch things off under the best possible stars, consider Tuesday September 3 to Thursday 5, under the lush Scorpio moon. This 3-day period is full of potential and fertility, making it a perfect time to plant actual seeds as well. Sunday September 8 and Monday 9 should also prove supportive, so get yourself organised and leap on in. Happy new moon … and welcome to Spring!

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