Lucky feng shui directions in 2015



Why are some years luckier than others? One reason is that the feng shui energies shift from year to year. Until February 2016, the luckiest direction is north.

Energise your home’s northern sector

Use your home’s north-facing rooms more frequently, or if it’s practical, enter through a north-facing door. Add touches of red to your home or garden’s north, such as flowers, red-leaved plants and red pots.

Add red to your home’s south west

The south west is the second luckiest direction this year (after the north), so try to use this part of your home more and add bright pink or red flowers. Add shades of pink and red to the south west to energise your love life.

Keep the western part of your home quiet

To avoid bad luck in 2015, keep the western part of your home quiet this year, and delay renovations if possible. Metal objects, like coins and windchimes will help to harmonize the energy, so hang a bell on your front door if it faces west.

Feng shui consultations

Whether you’re buying, selling or simply need a lift, Jenny will provide you with recommendations that will support you health, wealth and relationships. Jenny combines feng shui, colour and design to create uplifting, feel-good homes and work spaces. Jenny will help you to: feng shui yellow flowers for selling homes* invite positive energy into your environment * lift the vibe and clear negative energy * check for high emfs with a Gauss meter * choose supportive colours and artwork * rearrange furniture to improve flow * find your colours and directions * activate your prosperity points 

Jenny works with clients via email or in person (mainly in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions); when possible it’s best to actually see and feel a home or office. Sometimes a major feng shui problem, like stagnant water or negative artwork, has become a blind spot, so Jenny helps clients to see their surroundings through fresh eyes. jenny blume - sydney feng shui, space clearing & astrology

What do Jenny’s feng shui consultations include? * Optimum room/furniture layouts for bedrooms and living areas * Professional advice on colours, styling and artwork * Best colours, sleep and study directions * In offices, best positions for staff, plus best meeting rooms * Advice on attracting prosperity, luck and people into your home High EMF check * Written report and action plan * Ongoing support * Gift with onsite consultations

Please email or phone 0411 631 940.

Services offered by Jenny, plus price guide

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