Kids’ gift guide … by the stars

Need to buy a child’s present, but stuck for ideas? Simply find out their star sign and I promise you’ll be guided in the right direction. You might even find inspiration for bigger people too!

March 21 – April 20
Toys and gifts that shake, rattle and roll are ideal for little rams. Red is their ruling colour, so steer away from pastels – big and bold is their natural style.
Gifts for an Aries could include: squeaky rattles; Jolly Jumper, plush little lamb; spinning top; baby play gym; sparkly red shoes (think Wizard of Oz); balls and sporting toys of all types – with safety gear of course; action hero dress-ups; road activity play mat; trampoline; toy racing cars; running shoes; sports bag; bath salts; rollerskates; beanbag chair; ballpit; bright red raincoat; adventure stories; disco light; sequined dress-ups; tent; sleeping bag; pogo stick; marbles; waterproof watch; toy rockets; red bicycle; percussion instruments; electric guitar; swing set; cowboy/girl outfit; brass-rubbing kit; character hats or wigs; model solders; suction dart set; stopwatch; Twister; swimmers; flippers; skateboard and helmet; surf mat.

Click here for other starsigns

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